Frequently asked questions

What is ABA?

ABA is an abbreviation for Applied Behaviour Analysis. Behaviour analysis is an evidence based, scientific discipline with a welath of empirical research to demonstrate its powerful efficacy on behaviour change. As it stems from the philosophy of behaviourism, behaviour analysis utilses the principles of behaviourism and applies these principles to create behaviour change that is of social significance. Behaviour analysis is used to promote learning and alter behaviour by assessing the individuals unique behaviour under a variety of environmental conditions, assessing various aspects and influences, and then designing behaviour change programmes based on the results of analysis. Behaviour analysis is one of the most sought after theraputic interventions for children with autism. Behaviour analysis views speech, language, communication, attention, sleep, toileting, social skills, (to name but a few) all as behaviours which are open to influence and change. They are behaviours which can be taught. They are all skills that can be taught. Similar to learning a skill, you can also unlearn a skill, and so behaviour analysis can also decrease behaviours which may not be functional for an Individual, and could possibly be harmful to themselves or others.

What is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst® (BCBA®)?

A board certified behaviour analyst® is a behavioural health professional who has been awarded this professional title having completed a process of rigourous education, 1500-2000 hours of supervised training and work experience, and passed an examination to earn them the title of BCBA®. This title is awarded by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board. A behaviour analyst is a behavioural consultant who assesses a variety of behaviours and skill sets, developes and designs behaviour change programmes based on the analysis of these assessments, and trains others on the implementation of behaviour analytical programmes. A BCBA is also proficient in the ongoing, continued monitoring and supervision of these programmes and knowledgeable about the troubleshooting and changes that are required based on data analyses and supervision of progress.

What can I expect to pay for your services?

The cost of my service is very much dependent on which service you elect to avail of for your child i.e. early intervention, behaviour support, aba supervision & training etc and on the method of service delivery i.e. online or in-person. Please email for more information or to see a full breakdown of my price list.

Do I need to be referred in order to access your services?


No referral is necessary in order to access my services. You are free to contact me directly in order to obtain behaviour analytical services.

How do you deliver therapy during COVID-19?

At the moment I am working a mixture of in-person and remotely, online. My work in-person is conducted with full, fresh PPE worn within each household, which are in line with the HSE and HPSC guidelines. A plan for infection control and prevention for my service has been outlined. In-person therapy is provided for families for whom remote consultations are not a viable option. My work online focuses soley on parent training and consultation, which has proved extreamly successful. This method of service delivery has meant that my service is now widely accessible across Ireland, and I am proud to say that I now work outside my county, with clients in Clare, Tipperary, Laois, Offaly, Meath, Westmeath and Dublin.