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Toilet Teaching

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Toilet Training

What is Toilet Teaching?

Learning to use the toilet is a tricky endeavour. It can be even trickier for children with additional needs. 

If your little one is finding it difficult to learn all of the necessary skills required to be independent at toileting, then this is something that Sarah can help you with.

Some of the most common toileting difficulties that Sarah can offer assistance with:

  • ​Regression of toileting skills

  • Smearing

  • Frequent accidents

  • Withholding bowel movements

  • Resisting sitting on the toilet/potty

  • Reliance on an adult to take them to the toilet

  • Not going when sitting on the toilet/potty

  • Fears and anxiety surrounding the toilet and routine

  • Resistance to following the toilet routine

  • Fixations on aspects of the toileting routine

  • Requesting nappies from adults

  • Avoidance of using the toilet outside of the home (e.g. in school)

  • Not communicating the need to use the toilet

Sarah Murray
Children Drawings 1.jpg

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