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Behaviour Support

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What is Behaviour Support?

If your child is struggling from day to day to manage their big feelings, and begin to release these through aggressive verbal and physical outbursts, then your child could benefit from behaviour support.


Behaviour support is not for 'bold children'. Likewise, it is not just for children with additional needs. Many families experience behavioural issues in their home, and remain at a loss as to how best to approach these behavioural difficulties and teach to overcome these challenges.


Behaviour support involves assessing each family situation and child individually, and based on numerous observations and data collection, a behaviour support plan is designed and carried out at home by parents under BCBA supervision.


It's really important to recognise that your child's behavioural difficulties are not a reflection on you, nor are they a reflection on your parenting. You are here reading this, in order to help support your child and your family. Your child has a great parent, but your child might not have all the right skills that they need in order to cope and manage themselves. This is where I can help.

Common Concerns

  • I can never ask my child to do something for fear of them lashing out

  • My child hits themselves when they're angry

  • My child has outbursts when they can't get their own way

  • My child hurts their siblings

  • I can't say the word 'no' to my child

  • My child hurts me

  • I feel like I'm walking on eggshells

  • My child says hurtful things to me and to others

  • I've tried reasoning, giving out, time out, bribes, and threats, but nothing works

  • My child doesn't consider their own safety when they are angry

  • We can't go out as a family due to my child's outbursts

  • I feel like my child wants to provoke me and get a reaction from me

  • Asking my child to wait seems to trigger a big reaction

  • If I am talking to someone else or on the phone, my child cries and screams

  • Tantrums seem to happen for no apparent reason

  • Tantrums seem never-ending

  • My child controls me and everyone else in our home

  • I find I'm yelling a lot and losing my patience

Sarah Murray using building blocks with child
Children Drawings 1.jpg
Sarah Murray Building blocks with child

Typical Client Profiles:​

  • ​Typically developing children

  • Anxious children

  • Aggressive children

  • 'Controlling' children

  • Children with additional needs

  • Children with communication deficits

  • Children described as having 'pathological demand avoidance'

  • Siblings who fight constantly

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