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Sarah provided BCBA supervision for me from March 2019 - Aug 2019, when I was working with a client as their Home Tutor. Sarah is an excellent supervisor. She has a very extensive knowledge of Applied Behaviour Analysis and a unique approach that is extremely applicable, practical and fun. Sarah is extremely creative when it comes to applying behavioural principles and could take a complex theoretical principal and turn it into a fun game in the blink of an eye! She has an amazing work ethic and is brilliant at embedding all IEPs in play, which I found really constructive and useful. Sarah has a very hands on approach and is not afraid to get involved and demonstrate techniques. Overall, working with Sarah didn't feel like work at all! Together I felt we created a cohesive, team environment where the client's family, myself and Sarah were all working together in order to deliver the best possible therapy in a supportive, informative, evidence based and fun way. I couldn't recommend her enough

Mother and Son



Ryan has a diagnosis of ASD and showed extremely challenging behaviour within a special school setting. After discussion and agreement with the school, it was decided to start him off on a less stressful and short day of 2 hours. I sought help from Sarah soon afterwards. From the outset Sarah was fully hands on. She built a strong relationship of trust and friendship with Ryan. Sarah at that time would have a brief discussion with Ryan's teacher once a week about events that happened around meltdowns. Sarah quickly identified his triggers and worked closely with Ryan to help him manage his stress levels. Ryan made such progress in the months with Sarah I'm so glad to say Ryan was progressed to full day at school. Three years on Sarah, still keeps in contact to see how Ryan is progressing. It just shows the special bond she makes with the children. I am so grateful for all the help she gave Ryan. I would highly recommend Sarah.

Mother and Son


Mum & Home Tutor

I recently worked under the supervision of Sarah. Sarah was so supportive, professional, knowledgeable, and is very passionate about her work. Sarah's approach was child centered, and she designed programmes and targets that were so effective. I felt comfortable asking Sarah questions, she was approachable. I learned so much from Sarah. She was an amazing supervisor.

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