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Sarah Murray,
Paediatric Behaviour Analyst
B.A Psych, MSc ABA, BCBA, M.Ps.S.I

Based in County Cork and working nationwide, Sarah Murray is a paediatric behaviour analyst specialising and consulting in child behaviour, infant development and early intervention, helping to support and assist families across Ireland using practical, effective and evidence-based intervention strategies.

How I Can Help

Ready to get started?

Behaviour Support

If your child is struggling from day to day to manage their big feelings, then they may benefit from behaviour support.

Toilet Teaching

If your little one is finding it difficult to learn all of the necessary skills required to be independent at toileting, then this is something that Sarah can help with.

Sleep Support

If your little one is experiencing some trouble sleeping at night, Sarah offers sleep support to families on how to get sleep back on track.

Parent Training

Sometimes parents simply require some advice, training and support in addressing certain specific issues.

About Sarah

Sarah is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) based in County Cork. Sarah specialises in early intervention for infants and young children, with almost a decade of experience working with families of children with developmental delays, autism, and intellectual disability.


Sarah is a child behavioural consultant helping families and schools to address challenging behaviour in a positive manner using evidence-based intervention strategies. Sarah delivers training and consultations to pre-schools, autism classes and special schools nationwide.

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What To Expect

The steps that are involved in the process from the first meeting to therapy starting

Sarah Murray with notebook
Sarah Murray blowing bubbles with baby


Initial Contact

When we meet for the first time, be this online or in person, we will both work together to conduct an analysis of the needs of your child.

Sarah Murray blowing bubbles with baby



Once we have done an initial brief on your child and their needs, I will know better what areas require assessing.

Sarah Murray sitting in a chair


Goal Setting

This is the stage where we will discuss the results of the assessments carried out and establish therapeutic goals.

Sarah Murray Playing with fake cake with children


Therapy Starts

Once we have our plans made and everything is in place, we can now begin therapy together.


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