Sarah Murray

B.A Psych, MSc ABA, BCBA, IBA, M.Ps.S.I

Board Certified Behaviour Analyst

"My passion resides in empowering parents and supporting them using a holistic, team-based approach, for the learning, development and progression of their children"

Based in County Cork, Sarah Murray is a Child Behavioural Consultant and Early Intervention Specialist, helping to support and assist families across Ireland using practical, effective and evidence based intervention strategies.

Sarah is an accredited behaviour specialist - a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) - who offers specialised child behaviour support programmes and positive behaviour support plans to parents of children who may require additional behaviour support.

Sarah is a specialist in early intervention and early childhood development. She designs and develops tailor made and evidence based early intervention programmes and curricula to children with developmental delays, speech and language delays, developmental disabilities and other learning needs.

In addition, Sarah teaches a carefully structured and empirically supported social skills curriculum which focuses heavily on theory of mind and peer socialisation. Sarah also teaches an empirically validated, behaviorally based play curriculum.

A unique service which is offered is an ASD specific sex education and training curriculum on how to tackle all topics relevant to adolescent years.

Sarah provides parent support, parental training, and ongoing review consultations directly with parents on their therapeutic goals and progress with their children.

In addition, applied behaviour analysis supervision and support to students and therapists on their behaviour analytical work with their own clients and to those in pursuit of BCBA accreditation is available.  


Tel: +353 85 776 8924

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