Skills Assessment and Individualised Education Plan

I offer a comprehensive skills assessment (assessment of needs), and from this assessment, I can design and develop a tailor made, individualised education/home programme for your child. A wide variety of developmental targets and milestones are typically incorporated into a childs individualised education programme, in order to provide extensive learning across all developmental domains. Areas of interest for an individualised home programme can include:

  • Functional speech, language and communication (Verbal behaviour) 

  • Augmentative communication 

  • Social Skills 

  • Play Skills

  • Self help skills, to promote independence

  • Daily living Skills

  • Motor Skills

  • Academic Skills

  • Sensory difficulties

  • Anxious behaviours

  • Other

Once your childs individualised home programme is designed, ongoing training will be provided to either parents, caregivers or home tutor on the implementation of all programme goals. Regular, ongoing supervision and evaluation of the home programme is also provided, to ensure progress and development of all home programme goals. Alternatively, you can book sessions with myself, where I implement your childs individualised home programme directly, in a one to one setting, and review goals and progress with parents and other professionals, as necessary. 

Functional Behaviour Analytic Assessment and Positive Behaviour Support Plan

When children are presenting with behaviours that challenge, a functional behaviour assessment will be conducted, in order to discover the function of, or 'reason' for, these challenging behaviours, and from this, I seek to provide an alternative, functionally equivalent, replacement behaviour, that is of social importance, that will provide meaningful change for children, their families, teachers and other persons in the environment. 

A positive behaviour support plan will be designed and developed based on the result of a functional behaviour assessment, and parents, tutors, therapists and teachers can be trained in its implementation.  Ongoing monitoring and supervision of its implementation is facilitated, and revisions are made when necessary. 


I provide parent consultations on ABA therapy for their child, and provide training to parents on how to implement their childs individualised education/home programmes and positive behaviour support plans. I also offer this training to home tutors and other professionals, from all backgrounds, who are working on an ABA home programme.

I am a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) who can supervise students in pursuit of their Registered Behaviour Technician (RBT) examination, BCaBA examination or BCBA examination. 

In addition to the above mentioned, I can, on request, conduct informative talks for parents and conduct parent training evenings on behaviour analysis applied to a given area of interest e.g. verbal behaviour, challenging behaviour etc.